Love this meal, because it is super easy, quick, and super affordable.


Wheat pizza dough – 75 cents
Cheese – $1
Toppings – 1/2 package of pepperoni, mushrooms, onion = 75 cents
Sauce – leftover open jar, free
Side Salad – 50 cents


Total meal for two (would feed four, we use leftovers as lunch) $3.00

Here’s the full recipe:

I’ve made this a dozen times, you do have to plan to eat it though because you have to thaw the dough (if you have it frozen from a sale like I do), then you have to let it rise 45 mins, plus prep and bake time. You can do just cheese, or various toppings, usually I do pepperoni. But, this week I had a few bonus veggies, yum.

I add this once or twice to each month’s meal plan.

Meal planning has by far saved me the most money in the last two years. I’ll write more about that adventure soon 🙂