Dark Greens = Baby Food

Today I made baby food for Claire – Spinach and Kale.

Dark greens are supposed to be super foods, so off we go. It’ll be probably about a week until we introduce them to her, but I’ll have them ready to go in the freezer.

Spinach = $3.99 for a pound, I used a few cups of spinach with dinner, and the remainder I steamed and pureed and froze!

20140710_213903   20140710_221322   20140710_221520


Spinach steams down a lot! I used my full size food processor this time around. It ended up making the equivalent of 6 jars, so about 25 cents per serving.











So, I’ve never personally had kale, but it’s one of those so called ‘superfoods’ and it falls on the darker side of the dark greens, so away I went to steam and puree organic kale.

I cut out the stems because I figured it would not puree well.

It doesn’t steam down nearly as much as spinach, but it didn’t make nearly as much puree. I actually ended up adding some water too the puree to make it less chunky.