Meal Planning – this week

I’ve saved a rediculous amount of money over the last two years by doing some loose meal planning. Now, meal planning doesn’t always work out… sometimes I still forget to go to the store (or don’t feel like going), so I have to improvise, but overall we’ve saved a lot of time and money by meal planning.

My meal plan is revolving around mushrooms, potatoes, bread, eggs and onions that I’m planning on getting on sale tonight. Everything else is in my freezer or pantry.  Here’s what I’ve planned for this week:

Friday 10/3:
Potato & Mushroom Smothered Pork Chops

Saturday 10/4:
Meat ‘n Potatoes

Sunday 10/5 – we are going to be out of town

Monday 10/6:
Open Faced Turkey Sandwich w/steamed potatoes

Tuesday 10/7:
Breakfast for dinner – eggs, toast & homefries

Wednesday 10/8:
Nana’s Oven Fried Chicken w/steamed potatoes

Thursday 10/9:
Ravioli with garlic bread

I plan on spending $25 on this one week worth of dinner, including milk. I will also end up with two more loafs of bread in my freezer, and I’ll make a round of slow-cooker mashed potatos for the freezer, and I’ll make up some sauteed onions and stash them in the freezer.

(I am also going to buy yogurt and cherrios for our daughter, bringing my total grocery budget this week to $35)